Wiki sur les langues japonaise et française

The english version of the wiki has just been created. Feel free to translate the sections from the french version. Thanks.



Hiragana 平仮名

Katakana 片仮名

Kanji 漢字

Some difficults kanji.

Grammar 文法

Vocabulary 語彙

Expressions 表現

Proverbs 諺

Japanese proverbs with english equivalents if any.

Idions 四字熟語

idioms Japanese 熟語 “ripe words” of 四字 “4 characters”.

Dialects 方言

Gestures language 身振り言語

Not-so-universal gestures language.

Poetry and famous words

To count 数える

Ressources 教材/リソース

Electronic dictionnaries 電子辞書

Electronic dictionnaries english ↔ japanese :

  • Where to buy them,
  • Comparisons,
  • Reviews…

Software dictionnaries 辞書(ソフト)

software dictionnaries english ↔ japanese :

  • Reviews…

Books to learn Japanese 日本語の教科書

Books to learn Japanese :

  • Where to buy them,
  • Reviews…

Online service オンラインサービス

Japanese tests 日本語試験

Misc. その他

Don't know where to contribute or ask your questions ? This is what the closet is for.

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