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Kawasaki, tonton sweet

This is your 17th stereophonic trip for Japan. This time we are going to Kawasaki. It takes about 20 minutes to go there from Tôkyô with the 京浜東北線 (KeiHinTôHoku Sen) “Keihin Tôhoku train”. A surprise awaits you when you get … Continue reading

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Festival of Sawara

Photo: Leon & MaeLicense: Creative Commons This is your 16th french stereo trip for Japan ! Your destination is 佐原の大祭 (SaWara No TaiSai) “the Great Festival of Sawara”. The singularity of this festival lead to the attribution of the title … Continue reading

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Buddhist ritual at NaritaSan aka ShinShôJi

This is your 15th french-stereo trip for Japan ! This time I invite you to 新勝寺 (ShinShôJi) “the buddhist temple ShinShôJi” commonly known as 成田山 (NariTaSan). After a short presentation of the history of this temple and 真言智山派 (ShinGon ChiSan … Continue reading

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