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Festival of Sawara

Photo: Leon & MaeLicense: Creative Commons This is your 16th french stereo trip for Japan ! Your destination is 佐原の大祭 (SaWara No TaiSai) “the Great Festival of Sawara”. The singularity of this festival lead to the attribution of the title … Continue reading

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Tsugaru Shamisen (Podcast #14)

This is the 14th episode of Comme ça du Japan’s french podcast, your stereophonic trip for Japan. In this episode, I invite you to discover 三味線 (ShaMiSen) “Shamisen”, a traditional japanese instrument in-between a guitar and a lute. This episode … Continue reading

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April fool

On April 1st, I said that this blog was over. For those who care, that was probably the longest april fool I have ever made. Anyway, I will try to continue updating the english version as well in the hope … Continue reading

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