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Municipal election

Photo: Jackson BoyleLicense: Creative Commons I can’t explain why but the municipal elections for Ichihara (population of 180.000) were much more 激しい (HageShiI) “intense” than what I have experienced in Sendai (population over 1 million). For a start, there were … Continue reading

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Harassment at work

According to a study done by the 厚生労働省 (KôSeiRôDôSha) “minister of health and labor”, the number of いじめ (IJiMe) “bullying” cases has raised by 24% by comparison to 2006. The 総合労働相談コーナー (SôGôRôDôSôDan Ko-Na-) “labor consultation corner” of the minister has … Continue reading

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Japan is known as a country where 証明書 (ShôMeiSho) “diplomas” are particularly important. I won’t say that a freshly graduated student of a famous university will systematically get the job over someone with a rich experience but the chances are … Continue reading

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The seashore chestnut

While I was strolling around 川崎 (Kawasaki) “Kawasaki”, which will be the subject of the next podcast, I found an interesting Kanji that I didn’t know of : 蛤 (Hamaguri). It is made of the combination of Kanji for 虫 … Continue reading

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