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Turtle fur !

I just can’t get tired of learning the Japanese language. One of the main reason that makes learning Japanese language such a thrill is discovering words like とかく (ToKaKu). Here is the sentence that made me look up this strange … Continue reading

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Japanese creatures: Kappa

This is the first article of a series about Japanese creatures. This article talks about 河童 (KapPa) “Kappa” which is probably the most popular creature in Japan. Even if the name differs, this creature exists on the whole Japanese archipelago. … Continue reading

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Wet paint

If you are reading this, it means that the 切り替え (KiRiKaE) “transition” from “my” custom blog solution to WordPress went right. A little bit of tweaking is probably needed in some areas but overall the new blog should work as … Continue reading

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Heatwave thoughts

Everybody does it every morning yet opening the 郵便箱 (YûBinBako) “letter box” has always been a surprising experience. I am not talking about my メールボックス (Me-RuBokKuSu) “email box” because we all have the same spam emails no matter where we … Continue reading

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