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Not for dog’s sake

Since アイフル (AIFuRu) “Aiful”, a loan company, used a cute チワワ (ChiWaWa) “chihuahua” as their mascott in their commercials, there has been an explosion of the pet shop market in Japan. Of course I am not saying that the market … Continue reading

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Ranking of the most wanted companies by future graduates

A ranking of the most wanted companies by future japanese graduates is published by several organisations. Remember that academic and financial years start in April in Japan. The results below are from one of these studies and it was made … Continue reading

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Paparazzi-rent-a-cop in Japan

In June, the rules defining a parking violation in Japan will change. Until now, the cops had to make sure that the violation lasted for a certain amount of time. With the new law, this will be the job of … Continue reading

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