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“A nuclear plant sentenced to shutdown”

A major precedent in Japan The 金沢地裁 (KanaZawa ChiSai) “court of Kanazawa” sentenced the shutdown of 原子力発電所2号機 (GenShiRyoku HatsuDenSho Ni Gô Ki) “the second nuclear reactor” of the Shiga nuclear power plant located in Ishikawa district. The judge agreed with … Continue reading

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“the Sakura front”

The picture displayed with this article represents a map of 桜前線 (Sakura ZenSen) “the Sakura front”. These lines show the dates on which 桜 (Sakura) “the japanese cherry trees” are expected to bloom for a given region. du Japon. I … Continue reading

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Comme ça from Japan but from France and Sweden

I am on a 出張 (ShucChô) “business trip” in France and in Sweden from march 6th to the 16th. I thought I would be able to continue posting articles and even make another podcast but it turns out that I … Continue reading

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