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“to point to the south”

Do we get 指南 (ShiNan) “to point to the south” with指 (Yubi) “finger” or 指す (SaSu) “to point” and 南 (Minami / Nan) “the south” ? Yes and no. No, because this word is used like this : 指南する (ShiNan … Continue reading

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“Sony to double employment”

Sony recently made a surprising announcement. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the improbable release of the playstation 3 for this spring. It concerns employments at Sony. They announced that the recruitment will be doubled for 2007 which might … Continue reading

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“Second hand of lead”

In a few months, a law about the safety of electrical appliances will be applied in Japan. This law concerns electrical appliances which did not pass the safety check system introduced in 2001. It will be illegal to sale those … Continue reading

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